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Santa Barbara County is different than any other winegrowing region in California. Here, the east-west orientation of the coastal mountains forms valleys opening directly to the Pacific Ocean. This unique topography allows the flow of fog and ocean breezes to shape distinct microclimates, perfect for the cultivation of classic grape varietals and world class wines. The 50 miles stretching from Point Conception to Rincon constitutes the longest east-west traverse of shoreline from Alaska to Cape Horn. Here, the Santa Ynez and San Rafael Mountains form a unique coastal range - the inland ebb and flow of fog and ocean breezes make the region one of the coolest viticultural areas in California.

This means that the fruit has an unusually long "hang time" on the vine, allowing it to fully develop the acids, flavors and tannins needed to produce wines of distinctive character. SeaGlass wines are grown in one of the first 5 vineyards planted in Santa Barbara County, Los Alamos Vineyard. The wines from this vineyard are truly unique, the lime in the soil gives the wine a solid mineral backbone, while the ocean influence allows the wine to ripen slowly as they develop bright flavors and refreshing acidity.

From Santa Barbara County Vintners’ Association

SeaGlass Riesling comes from Monterey County, just up the coast from Santa Barbara.  

The climate of Monterey County reflects the cooling influence of the Monterey Bay and lack of abundant rainfall. There are enough warm days to ripen the grapes, however the marine influence predominates. Due to the cool growing conditions, harvest is typically two weeks later than other regions, allowing for a long season and slow fruit maturation. The steep slopes and rolling hills provide good drainage, and Monterey soil temperatures are cooler than other parts of the state, limiting crop size.  

In the cooler Northern parts of the Monterrey AVA, Riesling thrives.  At SeaGlass Wines, we determined our Monterey County vineyards would be the perfect coastal location for our SeaGlass Riesling.

The Wine Institute

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